Life at UP Academy


what our days look like...

 Up Academy, Inc. aims to create a well rounded elementary curriculum where each student can find their interests and strengths and develop those through their learning plans.  We are aware that students need to move to learn, they need arts education to enhance English and Math, they need STEAM education to compete in the changing world. Each student has an educator advisor who helps them to set goals, create learning plans and celebrate their successes as they meet their goals.  In this way students become agents of their own learning and develop executive functioning skills. 

Below is an example of what a schedule might look like. Our days alternate between having time to move, play and choose our activities. Each week will be a little different with times for cooking, gardening and other topics that might not be weekly creating more room for projects, goals and the development of each students learning plan. 

Languages are optional and each student may choose between Mandarin or Spanish during the school day.  For students who wish to take both languages we encourage our after school Spanish program.

Student Daily Schedule_Page_1.jpg