UP Academy Elementary Program

Our Programs

Our students find joy in learning. We encourage their creativity, sense of wonder and curiosity.

Our Graduates are agents of their own learning and have worked to master:

• Growth Mindset
• Social and Emotional Intelligence
• Executive Functioning Skills
• Scientific Mind
• Influencing Action

Through small mixed age classes and programs that include:

• Individualized and Project Based Learning
• Spanish and/or Mandarin Proficiency
• STEAM, art/maker/tinker lab
• Music
• Cooking and Gardening
• Entrepreneurship

Family is at the center of every child's life. We welcome and encourage parent and family involvement in our projects and school life.



Physical movement, emotional learning and academics are the basis of our inclusive program. These areas are addressed differently for each student depending on their needs and goals. For all students, the day alternates between the ability to move and play, and more focused learning activities. This collaboration of movement, emotional learning and academics provides a rich environment for learning and cognitive development.  Individual programs are created by a team including the educator, student and parents depending on the student's goals and personal learning plan.



Movement improves the flow of blood in the brain, helping us to learn more easily. Exercise improves our mood which creates a positive effect on cognitive functioning and emotional intelligence. In addition, movement stimulates production of muscle protein and the genes responsible for learning and memory. Kids need to move, it energizes and revitalizes so they can focus and learn.



Emotional intelligence involves self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skill. When someone has these qualities, they have the ability to work well with others and are effective in leading change.



Our unique, inclusive curriculum is based in individualized learning. Working with their advising educator, each students creates a learning plan.  Educators help students plan and direct their studies to match their goals.  Students participate in projects to enhance learning, gain new skills and make academics relevant. Our program utilizes common core, NGSS, ISTE, CASEL and other standards in educational excellence.